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Fat Loss or Lean Gains?

Hi Queens!

When you join my Challenge you'll receive a personalized Meal Plan, and you'll need to choose your goal - either Fat Loss or Lean Gains.
If you aren't sure how to choose, keep reading!

It's HARD to achieve both LOSE FAT and GAIN MUSCLE at the same time. It's MUCH BETTER to FOCUS on the one goal, ACHIEVE IT, then readjust your goals.

Why? Because trying to do both will generally end up in a ‘hamster on the wheel’ or a ‘yo-yo’ of constant back and forth.

There's two options that are the better plans
(remember we focus on better, not perfect)
  1. Lose body-fat → Reach your goal body-fat → Slowly increase food and focus on lean gains.
  2. Lean gain → Reach your goal muscularity/strength → Slowly decrease food and strip away the fat!
So, simply put:
FAT LOSS - Don't select this plan if you want to increase lean body
mass or strength.
Select this if your goal is primarily fat loss, minimizing muscle
loss, minimizing strength loss.

LEAN GAINS - Don't select this plan if you want to drop body-fat -
you will NOT lose body-fat on this program.
Select this if your goal is primarily increasing muscle mass,
minimizing fat gain, increasing strength.

Both plans are customized for you from the information on your Questionnaire - so you can reach your goals, while enjoying your favorite foods.
Remember: Any goal is your GOAL and there are no BAD goals. 

Let’s just make sure they are realistic! Don’t set yourself up for failure.

Don’t forget, the aesthetics are only one part of this journey. Your non-scale victories, your health, your knowledge, and your long term adherence are much more important.

and find out what plan is best for you
I hope this clears up this little topic of confusion.
Anita xx

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