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FitQueen Perks FAQ

Here are the answers to some of the most common FitQueen Perks questions!

What can my FitQueen Perks link/coupon code be used for?

FitQueen Perks are available on our next FitQueen Challenge.

Anyone who uses it will get $10 off the cost of my Challenge!!

The reward does not apply to repeat purchases or existing/repeat customers. Sign-up of existing or previous customers is not eligible for the discount or referral reward.


❓ How many people can use my link/coupon code?

There are no limits to how many people you bring in! The more, the merrier!


❓ What do I get when someone uses my FitQueen Perks link/coupon code?

For each person that signs up for my Challenge with your unique links/coupon codes, you will receive $20. This reward is only applicable for their initial sign-up; future challenges and merchandise is not included in this offer.


❓ Where can I advertise my FitQueen Perks link/coupon code?

You can advertise your links/coupon codes on your personal socials, website, or personal channels. Tell your friends, network, coworkers, neighbors, you name it! Everyone is welcome!


The only places you CANNOT advertise your link/code are:

❎ FitQueen Facebook Group

❎ My fan page: Anita_Herbert, FitQueen_Army, FitQueen_Hungary, Anita.Herbert, YFL_Apparel

My Instagram page in the comments

Existing coupon sites such as SlickDeals

Plugins for discount codes

Bulk/spam mail

Paid media (i.e. Google, Facebook, etc)


❓ Can we stack discounts?

No. All discounts and coupon codes are only valid on full priced offers.


❓ How do I get credit for my referral?

FitQueen perks are connected to corresponding links/coupon codes used at the time of purchase. We track it all!

❓ Which purchase does my link/coupon code work on?

Use of your link is permitted only if this is someone’s first time signing up for a Challenge. You cannot accept payment and discount; you will receive only the one of greater value.


❓ What about refunds?

If your referral is granted a refund at any time for any reason, then you will not receive commission on that lost transaction.

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