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FitQueen Perks


Queens!! I have a super exciting announcement: my FitQueen ambassador program is coming back with our next FitQueen Challenge!

That means you can earn MONEY 🤑 for growing the FITQUEEN COMMUNITY! 👯‍♀️

💰 Get paid for talking about what you love
🤗 Bring friends and family into the FitQueen community
🤑 Spread the joy and make the money!

For those of you who have already joined FitQueen Perks, you can start posting your exclusive ambassador coupon code again! Spread it far and wide so anyone who signs up for our next Challenge can use it to get themselves a discounted rate and help you earn that sweet sweet cash!

For those of you who haven’t joined yet, HERE ARE THE DEETS!!

❓ What can my FitQueen Perks link/coupon code be used for?
FitQueen Perks is available on our next FitQueen Challenge.

Anyone who uses it will get $10 off the cost of my Challenge!!

The reward does not apply to repeat purchases or existing/repeat customers. Sign-up of existing or previous customers is not eligible for the discount or referral reward.

❓ How many people can use my link/coupon code?
There are no limits to how many people you bring in! The more, the merrier!

❓ What do I get when someone uses my FitQueen Perks link/coupon code?
For each person that signs up for my Challenge with your unique links/coupon codes, you will receive $20. This reward is only applicable for their initial sign-up; future challenges and merchandise is not included in this offer.

❓ Where can I advertise my FitQueen Perks link/coupon code?
You can advertise your links/coupon codes on your personal socials, website, or personal channels. Tell your friends, network, coworkers, neighbors, you name it! Everyone is welcome!

The only places you CANNOT advertise your link/code are:
- FitQueen Facebook Group
- My fan page: Anita_Herbert, FitQueen_Army, FitQueen_Hungary, Anita.Herbert, YFL_Apparel
- My Instagram page in the comments
- Existing coupon sites such as SlickDeals
- Plugins for discount codes
- Bulk/spam mail
- Paid media (i.e. Google, Facebook, etc)



❓ Can we stack discounts?
No. All discounts and coupon codes are only valid on full priced offers.

❓ How do I get credit for my referral?
FitQueen perks are connected to corresponding links/coupon codes used at the time of purchase. We track it all!

❓ Which purchase does my link/coupon code work on?
Use of your link is permitted only if this is someone’s first time signing up for a Challenge. You cannot accept payment and discount; you will receive only the one of greater value.

❓ What about refunds?
If your referral is granted a refund at any time for any reason, then you will not receive commission on that lost transaction.

📣 Now, the question you’re all wondering: HOW DO I GET STARTED??

To get started, click here or head over to and click "Join Now.” Create a profile, confirm your account, and your registration is complete!

Then head over to This is where you'll finalize a couple of settings to complete your account, like your payment details.

📲 To finalize your payment details:
- Go to the "Settings" tab
- Scroll down to the "Payment Settings" section
- Click "Setup"
- Click PayPal as your payment option (note: PayPal is currently the only available payment option. If you don’t have a PayPal account, setting up one is quick and easy: click here) Your payment details are totally safe within the FitQueen Perks platform!


While you're in the "Settings" tab on the FitQueen Perks platform, I recommend you update your referral code so that it's your name or Instagram handle. That way it's super easy to remember and use!

Any time someone uses your link or code to sign up for a Challenge, you’ll get credit and CASH!

We are currently running the “Give $10, Get $20” special where anyone who uses your links/coupon code to sign up for my next Challenge will get $10 off – and YOU get $20 right in your pocket!
This FitQueen Perks program is my way of saying thank you for making this community such a success! The support and love we show each other is entirely thanks to YOU, Queens!!

Anita x

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