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FitQueen Challenge FAQ's

Anita Herbert_Unshakeable

Hi Queens!


Sign Ups are officially open for my next FitQueen Challenge - Hot QUEEN Summer! The Challenge starts on July 11th. If you're thinking of joining, but aren't sure if this Challenge is right for you - check out my Frequently Asked Questions below! 


What is a FitQueen Challenge?

My FitQueen Challenge is a 6-week journey where I welcome women from all over the world to join our FitQueen Army and achieve a total mind and body transformation.

Each Challenge includes a 6-week Training Plan and Meal Plan designed for fast and maintainable results. My Challenges are designed to teach you the tools and techniques that I have refined over many years of training - so you too can become the best version of yourself!


Is this a one-time charge or a monthly charge?

Your sign up fee is a one-time charge! The $79 USD fee covers the Challenge and you will not be charged again. You will receive 6 months access to our online platform, plus you can download and keep your PDF programs forever.


What is included for $79 USD?

You’ll receive all the tools you need to succeed - your Challenge package is extensive and I’ve put together everything you need to know to achieve great results in our 6 weeks of working together.

The package includes:

  • 6 Week Training Plan (Home & Gym programs both included)
  • Access to Online Platform with exercise videos and written instructions for every movement
  • Personalized Meal Plan to suit your body type, goals and requirements
  • Check In at Week 3 & Meal Plan update
  • Email Support
  • Access to Private FitQueen Community Group with over 40,000 women on the same journey as you 
  • Nutrition & Training eBooks
  • Mindset Guide & Daily Tracker
  • Build a Bubble Butt Guide
  • Progress Tracking Guide
  • Portion Control Guide
  • Cook Like a Queen eBook
  • Chance to win $5,000 in cash and prizes


What sort of training can I expect in this Challenge?

 Whether you want to train at home or would prefer to train in the gym, this program will be perfect for you. 


I have taken the feedback from my FitQueen Community Group and created an incredible program that includes the best of both worlds - home and gym training.


There will be a comprehensive home guide with brand new and dynamic exercises. There will also be a full gym guide which will utilize some machines, plus dumbbells, barbells and cables.


How long will it take for me to get my meal plan?

Once you’ve signed up for the Challenge, you’ll receive an email confirmation and a link to submit your Meal Plan Questionnaire. After you submit your Questionnaire, you’ll sit tight and I will deliver your customized meal plan to you via email. You will not receive your meal plan immediately after purchase. Meal plans are delivered in order the Questionnaires are received - so the sooner you join, the sooner you’ll receive your start up package! If you haven't received your meal plan 72 hours before the challenge starts please email me. Remember to always check your junk folder.


Do I have to be in the United States to join?

No! My Challenge is available worldwide and you can join from anywhere. My FitQueen Army has ladies from over 100 countries and I’d love to have you too! Since your Meal Plan is personalized, I can take into account where you are located and what food you have available to you.


Can you access the plan from your phone?

Absolutely! The program is delivered via an online training platform (that you can save as a bookmark on your home screen like an app) with PDF files that you can download and keep. This means you can access the program from your phone, tablet or computer.


Is this Challenge for Beginners or Advanced?

The Challenge is designed for ALL ladies, regardless of your fitness ability or age. The great thing about my program is that it allows you to push yourself to your limits - so you’ll choose weights that are suitable to your ability level. Plus, you’re provided with videos of me performing each exercise along with written exercise cues, so you’ll feel confident in what you’re doing. I also include alternatives for exercises that I think are super challenging - so if you're a beginner you can opt for the alternative exercise.


Can I workout at home?

You certainly can! I have lots of Queens doing the Challenge who prefer to train at home. Don’t be fooled though; my home workouts are super effective and sure to burn


What equipment will I need to train from home?

You’ll need some dumbbells, a set of resistance bands, a booty band, and something raised like a chair. I recommend you order your Home Gym Bundle so that you've got everything you need for your home workouts. Plus you'll receive free domestic shipping if you're in the USA.


What if I don’t know how to perform an exercise?

Within your Challenge platform, I include video demonstrations and written descriptions for every single movement. This way you can see me perform the movements to ensure you’ve got it right.


What are the different meal plan options? 

You will have the option to choose (1) of the following options that suits your goals: fat loss, lean gains or maintenance. This Challenge can be personalized to suit either of these goals. The Training Program will remain the same regardless of your goal, it’s your Meal Plan that will change. Not sure which plan is right for you? Click here to read more!


Is this plan customized?

It is! After your register, you’ll receive an email to complete your Pre-Challenge Questionnaire. This is where you submit all the information I require to customize your Meal Plan to suit you, your body type, goals, and requirements. The Training Plan is not customized; it is a set program for all participating in the Challenge.


However, with your Challenge program you also receive "My Day, My Way Workouts (MDMW)".  MDMW workouts give you the freedom to personalize your 6th workout day each week - so you can work on a muscle group of your choice. This could be somewhere you're lacking, or just something you love to train! It allows you customization in your Training Plan too.


Do you cater for my dietary requirements?

Of course! That’s the beauty of my customized Meal Plan. I can cater to your requirements - including likes and dislikes, and dietary restrictions such as Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Red Meat Free and the like. To succeed on your plan, ADHERENCE is key! The best way to ensure adherence is to design a Meal Plan that you actually enjoy.


Are there Vegan options too?

Absolutely. I have lots of Vegan Queens, and I am more than happy to provide you with a Vegan Meal Plan that suits your goals while still maintaining your values.


What does the Mindset Guide include?

The Mindset Guide includes the tools you need to laser focus your mindset for success throughout this Challenge. I educate you on topics such as: early rising, social media breaks, affirmations, gratitude writing, goal setting, visualization, meditation, and more. There’s something for everyone in this eBook; it’s an unsung hero of my FitQueen Challenge.


What is the process after signing up?

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email confirmation of your place in the Challenge plus an email inviting you to create your training platform login. You’ll also receive a link to complete your Pre-Challenge Questionnaire. Next, you’ll join my FitQueen Community Group on Facebook - then sit tight! Everything else will be communicated with you directly via email throughout the lead up to the Challenge. It's important that you check your emails regularly so you don't miss important updates.


Are there prizes with this Challenge? 

Sure are! There is a huge $5000 USD cash and prize pool for the winners of this Challenge. At the end of the 6 weeks there will be 3 winners and these ladies will receive $1,500 USD cash each PLUS supplement prize packs from Onest Health. Getting in the best shape of your life AND getting paid for it? Incredible!


I have a medical condition/injury, can I take part in your Challenge?

The Training Guide within the Challenge is not personalized - it is a set plan. Therefore, I cannot accommodate injuries. If you have a medical condition, it is essential that you seek a physician's clearance before participating. Remember that your health is always the first priority.


Do I get Check-Ins?

Certainly! Half way through the Challenge (end of week 3), you will have a Check-In with me. This is your chance to show me your progress and have me update your Meal Guide accordingly.


How will I be supported throughout this Challenge?

You’ll feel supported at every step of your FitQueen journey! I provide email support, a Private Facebook Group for support and guidance, as well as weekly email updates so you continue learning and staying motivated throughout the Challenge. You are guaranteed to succeed when you join my FitQueen Challenge.


Are you ready to join my FitQueen Army and get in the best shape of your life?  Register for your place now.

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