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Which Meal Plan is Right for You?

Hi Queens!


 When you join my FitQueen Challenge you'll receive a ✨ personalized Meal Plan✨, and you'll be able to choose a plan that best suits your goals!


You’ll have the option to choose between: Fat Loss, Lean Gains, or Maintenance.


If you aren't sure how to choose, keep reading!⤵️


🚨NOTE: It's HARD to achieve both FAT LOSS and MUSCLE GAINS at the same time. Instead, focus on ONE GOAL, ACHIEVE IT, then readjust your goals.


 Why? Because trying to do both will generally end up in a ‘hamster on the wheel’ or a ‘yo-yo’ of constant back and forth.


Let me help you decide! 


Which of the following (1️⃣,2️⃣or3️⃣) best describes you?


  • Recommended Meal Plan: Fat Loss 


  • Select this plan if… your primary goal is to lose body fat while retaining muscle mass.


  • What you can expect: Your plan will be calculated based on your needs and current body metrics in a calorie deficit in order to facilitate healthy weight loss. Muscle gains will not be the primary goal here. You will not stay in this deficit forever to ensure optimal metabolic health. 



  • Recommended Meal Plan: Lean Gains


  • Select this plan if…your goal is primarily increasing muscle mass, minimizing fat gain, increasing strength. Do NOT select this plan if your goal is to drop body fat. 


  • What you can expect: Your plan will be calculated based on your needs and current body metrics in a slight calorie surplus in order to build lean muscle. I recommend this for women who are in a mentally positive place as you may see the scale rise to accommodate for this level of intake. 

3️⃣I AM HAPPY WITH MY BODY WEIGHT (or you have been in a fat loss or building phase for a while and want to take a break)


  • Recommended Meal Plan: Maintenance 


  • Select this plan if…you are someone who hasn't got much experience in the gym or following a calorie-restrictive diet, it may be a perfect starting point to start training and eating around your maintenance to find your groove and start building positive habits.


👑For my OG Queens who have been dieting for a while, having a 'diet break' and eating your maintenance calories allows you to enjoy more food and recharge psychologically. Remember your body-composition goals should be long-term, and bridging between dieting phases is important.


  • What you can expect: Your plan will be calculated based on your needs, and current body metrics, to help you maintain your current weight while continuing to improve your body composition. You will focus on sustaining your energy and hitting new PRs in the gym. Please note that you will still be able to build muscle during maintenance, just at a slower rate.


✅All plans are customized for you using the information on your Questionnaire and are created with the intention of helping you reach your goals, while enjoying your favorite foods. 🙌🏼


Remember: Any goal is your GOAL and there are no bad goals.


Be sure to make your goals realistic and attainable! Don’t set yourself up for failure.


 Don’t forget, the aesthetics are only one part of this journey. Your non-scale victories, your health, your knowledge, and your long-term adherence are much more important to your overall success.

My brand-new Hot QUEEN Summer Challenge starts on July 11th
Anita xx

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