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FitQueen Challenge Check In Questionnaire

Please read the following information very carefully before submitting your Check In, as only correctly completed Check Ins will be processed.

You need to take a new set of progress photos (front, side and back) for your Check In.  Please wear the same underwear & stand in the same position, with similar lighting and time of day as your starting photos if you can. 

The photos you submit with your Check In must be comparison photos. 

Please use an App such as "Layout" to create your comparison photos.  On the left you will have your starting photo, and on the right you will have your current photo.  You will do this for front, side & back and supply 3 photos.
Example comparison photos:

Please complete all fields in your Check In carefully & accurately.

Check Ins open Wednesday February 3rd (Miami time) and close this Saturday February 6th (Miami time)/  Late Check Ins will strictly not be accepted, all Check Ins for this Challenge must be completed during this time.

I will complete diet updates in the order I receive them.  All Check Ins will be returned by the end of next week. Please continue eating as per your original Meal Plan until you receive your revised Meal Plan.

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