Fit Queen Mindset Guide

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How many times have you started a fitness program to lose weight, but then you never finished and fell back into your old habits? There are many reasons that could’ve caused this, I believe the piece missing from your efforts is the development of a powerful mindset.

Introducing my The Morning Mindset Guide - my new 20 page eBook that will teach you how to channel the power of your mind, and use this to propel you towards your health & fitness goals.

Fit Queen Mindset Guide

I teach you the tools I've used to achieve HUGE goals I've set for myself - including:

- The Master Morning Routine
- Affirmations
- Gratitude Writing
- Goal Setting
- Visualization
- Meditation 101

Get your copy now to start making the most of every single day.

You'll also receive access to join my Private Facebook forum with 17,000 likeminded women for support & guidance

How does the eBook work?

  • Once you purchase the program, it will be delivered immediately via email to the email you register when purchasing.
  • You will not complete a Questionnaire as there is no Meal Plan included in this program.
  • You'll be invited to join my Fit Queen Facebook Forum - where you can connect with other ladies completing the Challenge.

If you have any questions about the eBook, please email so I can help you!

Fit Queen Mindset Guide
Fit Queen Mindset Guide
Fit Queen Mindset Guide

Introducing my popular


Success Stories

I am so thankful for Anita Herbert!

Just had my 10 week check in and just WOW. 150lbs down to 135lbs. 15lbs ladies!! I have been working out for 8+ years and I have never seen the results that I've craved to have until NOW.

Amber W

Thanks Anita so much!

I completed my 12 weeks and feel amazing! I have gained so much strength and muscle mass over my 12 weeks. Can't wait to continue to follow all your amazing journeys too.

Julia H

I feel great!

Just finished week 6, 2 weeks to go! Gone from 74kg to 68.1kg yaaay! Best of all and most importantly, I feel great! So inspiring to see you all crushing it!

Marina G

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