Final Check In

Congratulations on finishing my 6 Week FitQueen Challenge! You should be incredibly proud of your achievements.
Here's your chance to submit your results to me!  Please read the following details carefully.
- Your Progress Photos must be comparison pictures (starting pic on left, finishing pic on right).  Please create 3 comparison pics, front, side & back.  Your pictures must have the "BEFORE" and "AFTER" graphic in them.

Please CLICK HERE to download the After graphic.

Remember, the After graphic changes every Challenge, so please ensure that you have downloaded the new graphic.
I recommend you use the App "Layout", as it is simple to use and doesn't leave any watermarks on the photos.

Example of acceptable Before & After Images:
- If you enjoyed the Challenge and are happy to leave me a testimonial, I would appreciate it very much!  Please note testimonials may be shared on social media with your first name and last name initial.  I am also looking for ladies to do video testimonials!  If you would be happy to do this, please email me to and I will send you instructions! I will be offering 50% off the next Challenge to ladies who film a video testimonial for me!  This is a limited offer.
- In order to be a Winner of the Challenge, I must be able to share your progress photos on social media (for transparency).  Please ensure you say "YES" to sharing on social media if you wish to be in the draw to be a winner!
- Check Ins are extended for an extra week to allow everyone to finish (some ladies started late), Check Ins will close 2nd December 2019.
I can't wait to see your progress!! Let's do this! Please submit your entries below.