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Feel the burn and keep your lifestyle going with my Fit 2 Go Guide! Looking for a way to stay on...

Feel the burn and keep your lifestyle going with my Fit 2 Go Guide!

Looking for a way to stay on top of your FitQueen game while jetsetting to your favorite vacation destinations? 

My Fit 2 Go Guide is your one stop shop for all your FitQueen vacation needs! These short, sharp 30 minute workouts only require resistance bands so you can fit in a quick sweat wherever you are with minimal equipment and space in your luggage. 

The best part? You get FOUR FULL WEEKS of brand new workouts every single day, and you can pair it with FREE access to my Spotify playlist!

Each workout is 30-40 minutes in length, so you can snag a quick one before breakfast at your hotel or before bed on the beach. And I’m breaking it down into targeted days too: 

Day 1: FULL BODY -- this will get you pantin’ and sweatin’ -- again with only bodyweight and resistance bands!

Day 2: HIIT FIT, TABATA STYLE -- keep that energy going with a body-sculpting HIIT workout sure to get your heart racing!

Day 3: GLUTES + ABS -- these are some of my favorite areas to target! 

Day 4: FULL BODY -- we end just like we began, with a nice full body sweat!

PLUS, when you buy my Fit 2 Go Guide, I’ll also give you my How to Stay in Shape on Vacation ebook that loads you up with ALL my best traveling tricks, such as:

  • How to order in a restaurant 
  • Staying hydrated and active
  • Limiting sugary drinks, prioritizing protein, and mapping out local grocery stores
  • What to pack 

And as if that wasn’t enough to keep you going on vacation…

You’ll also get a refresher on my most helpful ebooks:

  • How to Measure Your Food Without a Scale 
  • How to Read Nutrition Labels
  • Foods Swap Table

If you find yourself struggling while on vacation, you’ll be able to find the support you need in my private Facebook group -- because we all know how hard it is to stick to your healthy lifestyle when you’re out of your routine! In the FitQueen group, we’ll cheer you on, build you up, and help you enjoy your vacation while keeping your lifestyle intact. 

Ready to have a blast on your trip and not have to worry about undoing all your hard work? Fit 2 Go is waiting for you!


Please note: The best bands for this program are the Fit 2 Go Band Bundle.

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