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VIPQueen Challenge Bundle FAQs

VIPQueen Challenge Bundle FAQs

Are you one of the lucky ones who grabbed my 👑VIPQueen Challenge Bundle👑 before it SOLD OUT

You know by now that you get access to all five Challenges coming your way this 2023—PLUS you get my ALL NEW Fit in 30 Program this December FOR FREE!!

Got questions? I’ve got answers! ⤵️


What are the Challenges you will have throughout the year?


We will have FIVE Challenges + a brand new Fit in 30 Program for the remainder of 2023. 

I have locked in the dates, and more information about the upcoming Challenges will be available closer to their Start Dates below:

Challenge #1: March 13 (FIRED UP)

Challenge #2: May 8 (BIKINI PROJECT)

Challenge #3: July 10

Challenge #4: September 11 

Challenge #5: November 6

Fit in 30: Available starting Nov 16


How do I get access to each Challenge?


To protect your account, and to certify exclusivity, you will be sent unique redemption codes to be used when each Challenge is available for purchase. You will NOT be charged for each individual Challenge, as you purchased the VIPQueen Bundle offer. 


The redemption code, if used solely on the Challenge, will void any additional costs. This code does not void out costs for merchandise, shipping, or other programs available on 


Each code will expire 1 week after the official Challenge start date (see previous section for exact dates).


IMPORTANT! You will not get access to challenges without going through checkout. The next challenge will NOT show up on your platform until you have successfully purchased it with your redemption code. Code can only be used once.



What if I miss the deadline on redeeming my discount code?


If for some reason you are not able to redeem your code before the Challenge commences, please contact me at


If you are unable to participate in any Challenge throughout the year that has been paid for as part of the FitQueen Challenge Bundle, you are NOT eligible for a refund valued at the price of a Challenge.


You do have access to each Challenge for 6 months after the start date, and can complete the Challenge at a time that best suits your needs. In order to have access for 6 months, you will need to use your redemption code for the Challenge so it is added to your platform to be used at a later date.




Can I start my Challenge at any time?


You are not able to start the Challenge prior to the start date.

All Challenges run for 6 weeks from the start date, and in order to be eligible for prizes, you will need to complete the Challenge during this time frame. 

You ARE able to start later than the official start date, and you will have access to each Challenge for 6 months after the official start date. 



When will I get access to my Meal Plans?


You will get a Meal Plan for each Challenge (5 total) to use throughout the duration of each individual Challenge.

Once a Challenge is announced and available for purchase on, you will use your redemption code to void costs and add that Challenge to your platform.

This will then provide access to the Meal Plan Questionnaire for that Challenge, for you to utilize as it best suits your goals.

You will NOT be eligible to use Meal Plans for future Challenges prematurely as part of the FitQueen Challenge Bundle. All Meal Plans are subject to specific Challenges only.



I just purchased the latest Challenge, can I switch to the Bundle offer?


Unfortunately, the VIPQueen Bundle is SOLD OUT for 2023 and no longer available for purchase. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to be notified when it returns in 2024!


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FitQueen Challenge FAQ's

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