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Miss your chance to join my sold out Level UP FitQueen Challenge? Here's your chance to gain access to the full Workout Guide!

The perfect solution during the current COVID-19 situation, this program includes a full 6 Week HOME Training Guide.

The HOME training guide requires just dumbbells and a booty band to complete - so is perfect while gyms are closed all over the world.  Don't have dumbbells? Easily swap for water bottles or home-made resistance alternatives.  There is no excuse to not get started!

Need some inspiration? Tap the thumbnail to view below:

With this package you'll receive everything you need to achieve fast, maintainable results, including:

  • 6 Week Training Program (Home & Gym Workouts)
  • Workouts are hosted in brand new online platform
  • Exclusive access to my private FitQueen Community
  • Training eBook
  • Email support


  • Build a Bubble Butt Guide eBook
  • My Day, My Way is back with brand new workouts

What's the Training Guide like?

You ladies are going to love this brand new training program.  I've taken on your feedback and made more additions to make this our best program ever.

This training program is based around progressive overload and hypertrophy.  You're going to lift heavy, sculpt womanly muscle and GET STRONG!  2020 is not about bouncing around the gym aimlessly, let's train with intention and get real results.

Each week your training is structured around big compound lifts - you'll squat, deadlift & hip thrust.  Around these workouts you'll have a range of accessory work to sculpt and shape your body, including brand new exercises.  You'll have one body weight / cardio day, where you can recuperate midweek - PLUS your "My Day, My Way" workout.

NEW FEATURE: I have also added a Unilateral Full Body Day - so that each week you'll work on single arm/leg exercises to help any strength imbalances.

PLUS I've added more Upper Body & Ab exercises as these were frequently requested by our FitQueen Community!

What’s “My Day, My Way”?

This is your 6th optional workout each week, where you have the flexibility to customize your workout to suit your goal. 

You'll choose from: Legs & Glutes, Back & Shoulders, Arms, Abs, Cardio Finishers, Accelerated Fat Loss.  The choice is in your hands! This ensures you have a truly personalized experience.

Why work with me?

My program teaches you my tried & tested techniques that allowed me to transform my body & my life. Growing up in a small town in Hungary, I haven’t always been “super fit”...

I’ve transformed my own body, now I’m here to help you transform yours too!

If you’re sick of:

  • not feeling confident in what you see in the mirror
  • feeling uncomfortable in your own skin
  • having zero confidence when wearing a bathing suit

And are ready to supercharge your confidence, mindset & body to become the best version of yourself, then JOIN US!

This Program Includes

Home & Gym Workouts

You’ll receive a 6 Week Training Guide, complete with daily workouts. You’ll have 5 recommended workouts, and one session per week of your choice, specific to your individual goals, “My Day, My Way.” You’ll choose from a variety of additional workouts that are designed to target specific muscle groups & goals, to build your ideal training plan.

Video Demonstrations

Your program includes video demonstrations I have filmed of me performing each movement in your training plan, so you can complete your program feeling confident in your form. These demonstrations include exercise cues & descriptions, and are high quality 4K videos.

Join the FitQueen Community

You’ll become a member of our 20,000 strong FitQueen Community. So not only will you have the support of myself and my team, but thousands of other motivated, encouraging women worldwide. We’re here for you every step of the way!

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