July FitQueen Challenge

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My next FitQueen Challenge starts on July 6th.  Here's your chance to secure early bird access before we go live to the public on June 15.

Register your place in my next FitQueen Challenge and get ready to take your results to the next level.  This intense 6-week regime will will empower you to transform your body & mind. 

With this ultimate Challenge package you'll receive everything you need to achieve a lasting transform, including:

  • Customized Meal Plan
  • 6 Week Training Program (Home + Gym Workouts)
  • Online Training Platform with video demonstrations & exercise descriptions
  • Exclusive access to my private FitQueen Community
  • Over 100 pages of educational content in eBooks on Nutrition & Training
  • Email support, half-way Check In and MORE!
  • Chance to win $5,000 worth of cash & prizes


  • Build a Bubble Butt Guide eBook
  • Portion Guide to help you track with ease
  • My Day, My Way is back with brand new workouts
  • Comprehensive Food Swap Table  


What's the Training Guide like?

I'm excited to reveal our brand new training split below! I have taken on board all of your feedback from our FitQueen Community group, and have created an incredible program which will include the best of both worlds - home and gym training.

There will be a comprehensive home guide similar to what many of you have come to love with Unstoppable, with brand new and dynamic exercises.

There will also be a full gym guide which will utilize roughly 50% machines, plus dumbbells and barbells - so those of you who have been missing the gym can hit the ground running.

The Training Split

DAY 1 - Legs, Glutes + Bubble Butt Finisher
DAY 2 - Upper Body + Core Killer Finisher
DAY 3 - HIIT FIT (Tabata)
DAY 4 - Legs, Glutes + Bubble Butt Finisher
DAY 5 - Full Body + Core Killer Finisher
DAY 6 - My Day, My Way - with new Stretch Session option
DAY 7 - Rest 

Why work with me?

My program teaches you my tried & tested techniques that allowed me to transform my body & my life. Growing up in a small town in Hungary, I haven’t always been “super fit”...

I’ve transformed my own body, now I’m here to help you transform yours too!

If you’re sick of:

  • not feeling confident in what you see in the mirror
  • feeling uncomfortable in your own skin
  • having zero confidence when wearing a bathing suit

And are ready to supercharge your confidence, mindset & body to become the best version of yourself, then JOIN US!

This Program Includes

Home & Gym Workouts

You’ll receive a 6 Week Training Guide, complete with daily workouts. You’ll have 5 recommended workouts, and one session per week of your choice, specific to your individual goals, “My Day, My Way.” You’ll choose from a variety of additional workouts that are designed to target specific muscle groups & goals to build your ideal training plan.

Custom Meal Plan

I’ll provide you with an easy to follow Meal Plan that I will tailor to suit you, your body type, dietary requirements & goals. I outline exactly what foods you should eat at each meal in order to maximise your results. I can cater for your dietary requirements (Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, etc)

Video Demonstrations

Your program includes video demonstrations I have filmed of me performing each movement in your training plan, so you can complete your program feeling confident in your form. These demonstrations include exercise cues & descriptions, and are high quality 4K videos.

Check In With Me

Based on your feedback at half way through the program, I’ll assess how you are responding to the challenge and make amendments to your Meal Plan to ensure you get the best possible results.

Join the FitQueen Community

You’ll become a member of our 30,000 strong FitQueen Community. So not only will you have the support of myself and my team, but thousands of other motivated, encouraging women worldwide. We’re here for you every step of the way!


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