Fit Queen Challenge 2.0

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Join me for my super popular Fit Queen Challenge!
Commences August 19th, registrations are open now.

Are you ready to take your results to the next level?  Have you taken part in my Fit Queen Challenge, and are ready to work together for another 6 weeks - so we can supercharge your results & your confidence?  Let's do this!

You are viewing my Fit Queen Challenge 2.0.   If you have completed my first Challenge and are moving onto your second time, you are in the right place.  


What’s included?

  • 6 Week Training Plan designed for fast results
  • Customized Meal Guide to suit your goals and dietary requirements - choose either Fat Loss or Lean Build 
  • Home and Gym training plans included
  • eBooks on Training, Nutrition & Mindset
  • Food Swap Table & Progress Tracking Table
  • Check In and Meal Guide update at half way
  • Training Education, I’ll teach you how to use the correct form to achieve maximum results
  • Email support, I'm here when you need me!
  • Private Facebook forum for support & guidance
  • Weekly email updates so you continue learning & stay motivated
  • Prizes to be won!


How does the Challenge work?

  • Once you purchase the Challenge your spot is secured.
  • You'll receive a Welcome email to confirm your place, and this will detail what happens next.
  • Once available, you'll receive an email to complete your Pre-Challenge Questionnaire - where you tell me all about yourself, your goals & your requirements.  This is the information I use to write your plan.
  • You'll be invited to join my Fit Queen Facebook Forum - where you can connect with other ladies completing the Challenge.
  • You'll receive your Training Plan & Meal Guide via email a few days before the Challenge commences, so you're ready to start on the 19th of August with other Fit Queens Worldwide!

If you have any questions about the Challenge, please email so we can help you!

Fit Queen Challenge 2.0
Fit Queen Challenge 2.0

Introducing my popular


Success Stories

I am so thankful for Anita Herbert!

Just had my 10 week check in and just WOW. 150lbs down to 135lbs. 15lbs ladies!! I have been working out for 8+ years and I have never seen the results that I've craved to have until NOW.

Amber W

Thanks Anita so much!

I completed my 12 weeks and feel amazing! I have gained so much strength and muscle mass over my 12 weeks. Can't wait to continue to follow all your amazing journeys too.

Julia H

I feel great!

Just finished week 6, 2 weeks to go! Gone from 74kg to 68.1kg yaaay! Best of all and most importantly, I feel great! So inspiring to see you all crushing it!

Marina G

Fit Queen Challenge

Don't Miss Out

Registrations are open now and there are LIMITED PLACES for this Challenge. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a welcome email explaining what’s next.

I can’t wait to work with you! If you have any questions about the Challenge, please reach out to