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Bikini Project 2.0 Workout Guide

Get ready to drop body fat and sculpt a lean physique with Bikini Project 2.0, my brand new 6-wee...

Get ready to drop body fat and sculpt a lean physique with Bikini Project 2.0, my brand new 6-week summer shred Workout Guide!

This includes everything you need to achieve the physique of your dreams right at your fingertips: a brand NEW total body sculpt program, easy-to-use app, email support, community, and MORE! 🤩

This program will help you become the best and most CONFIDENT version of yourself in just 42 days. Join me TODAY and discover why thousands of women who participate in FitQueen Challenges not only complete them but also achieve AMAZING results.


✓ NEW FitQueen VIP App – to elevate your FitQueen experience
✓ Easy-to-follow Home & Gym programs with minimal equipment
✓ 3-6 day adaptable workout schedule for ALL levels
✓ Focus on legs, glutes, abs, and shredding
✓ In-depth video tutorials for mastering exercise form
✓ New FREE Bonuses: “On the go” guide + “Treat yourself like a Queen” tips
✓ Access to Nutrition & Fitness eBooks with 100+ recipes
✓ Exclusive support from our private FitQueen Community
✓ Extra HIIT & warm-up videos, and more!

Only Minimal Equipment Needed:

  • HOME Program: a Chair, Dumbbells, Resistance Bands (CLICK HERE to grab my complete Home Gym Bundle that includes specialized FitQueen resistance bands!)

  • GYM Program: Standard Gym Equipment (dumbbells, barbells, cables, smith machine, etc), Resistance Bands (CLICK HERE to grab my Gym Resistance Band Bundle!) 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your fitness journey and struggling to reach your goals, let ME help you! Give me 6 weeks, and I’ll guide you to maximize your results in just 42 days. 

Click 'Add to Cart' now to secure your spot today and let's get Bikini Body ready together! 👙

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