Unstoppable Workout Guide

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My Unstoppable FitQueen Challenge SOLD OUT - here's your second chance to join us!

My Unstoppable Workout Guide is now available. 6 weeks of intense home workouts to sculpt the body of your dreams.  Register now to receive instant access via email!

Prioritizing your physical and mental health are more important than ever - this Challenge will empower you to transform your body & mind from home.  Join my FitQueen Community and discover how over 25,000 women worldwide are achieving phenomenal results.

With this package you'll receive everything you need to achieve fast, maintainable results, including:

  • 6 Week Training Program (Home + Gym Workouts)
  • Online Training Platform with video demonstrations & exercise descriptions
  • Exclusive access to my private FitQueen Community
  • Over 100 pages of educational content in eBooks on Mindset + Training
  • Email support
  • Build a Bubble Butt Guide eBook
  • My Day, My Way is back with brand new workouts

To view my Workout Guide Frequently Asked Questions, CLICK HERE.

What equipment do I need for home workouts?

This program is heavily focused around home workouts, due to gym closures around the world right now.  To complete the home workouts, all you'll need are dumbbells, small loop bands (booty bands) and large resistance bands.  I've created an Unstoppable Home Gym Bundle to make it super easy for you!  


How about gym workouts?

If gyms are open in your area, no problem!  This guide also includes a full gym guide - and you won't need complex gym equipment.  All you'll need is dumbbells, barbells, booty band, resistance bands and a cable machine.


What's the Training Guide like?

As many of us around the world are still in lockdown, this Training Guide will be specially designed to incorporate effective home workouts that are dynamic, challenging & exciting.  I have filmed new exercises & created whole new routines.  I will also incorporate a full gym program, so that you have the flexibility to switch to gym workouts - should gyms commence reopening.

Why work with me?

My program teaches you my tried & tested techniques that allowed me to transform my body & my life. Growing up in a small town in Hungary, I haven’t always been “super fit”...

I’ve transformed my own body, now I’m here to help you transform yours too!

If you’re sick of:

  • not feeling confident in what you see in the mirror
  • feeling uncomfortable in your own skin
  • having zero confidence when wearing a bathing suit

And are ready to supercharge your confidence, mindset & body to become the best version of yourself, then JOIN US!