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Hot Queen Summer 2.0 Challenge

Our #1 most favorite FitQueen Challenge from 2022 is BACK and better than EVER! Get ready to slay...

Our #1 most favorite FitQueen Challenge from 2022 is BACK and better than EVER!

Get ready to slay this summer with Hot Queen Summer 2.0, my brand new 6-week Challenge you absolutely can't miss out on!

If you loved the original Hot Queen Summer, you're going to love this brand NEW and IMPROVED challenge that will take your workouts & results to the next level. From heart-pumping HIIT to empowering strength training, spicy supersets, fun finishers we've got it all covered

This challenge is all about helping you find that sweet spot where you stay on track with your goals while still living your best summer life 🏝️

We'll work hard, sweat it out and make progress towards our goals, all while enjoying summer to the fullest.  Because we deserve to have it all, Queen!


😋 NEW Restaurant Guide eBook! I know summer means travel, and I want to make sure I guide you on the best strategies when eating on-the-go, keywords on menus to avoid, best options for drinks, this vs that meal comparisons + more! 

START DATE: July 10th! 



  • Both GYM & HOME programs - you decide what works for you!
  • 40 - 50 minute sessions, with video demonstrations for every single exercise 
  • NEW workout phase (with NEW exercises, NEW challenges) every two weeks. 
  • You DO NOT have to workout everyday - workouts are adaptable between 3 - 6 training days/week and can fit in YOUR schedule 
  • Follow along *optional* HIIT workouts + warm up / cool down videos 
  • Spicy finishers with different targets : bubble butt, quad burn, quick fat burning HIIT & abs
  • Suitable for all levels


  • Available for ALL dietary requirements (vegan, vegetarian, keto, and more) 
  • You choose between FAT LOSS, LEAN GAINS or MAINTENANCE, and receive a detailed Meal Plan with macros
  • Sweet tooth? All plans include treat meals, too!
  • Food swap table helps you learn flexibility with your meals.
  • Budget friendly + easy to make meals (Psst! Meal prep to save time!)
  • No meal timing, no restriction.
  • ⭐ PLUS! I’ve added an ebook “Nutrition Tips for Beginners” that gives you even more guidance when it comes to nutrition!


  • Over 200 pages of educational content in eBooks on Nutrition & Training
  • Mindset Guide + Daily Tracker to help you stay consistent
  • A chance to win a share of $5,000 USD in cash and prizes!
  • Email support, half-way Check-In, and MORE!

Are you ready to finally achieve the jaw-dropping RESULTS you've always dreamed of, all while having an absolute blast and being part of a thriving community of 63,000+ incredible women from around the globe?

We’re ready for you! This is YOUR summer, Queen – take charge!

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