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Game Changer FitQueen Workout Guide

Click here to see what's included in the BOGO Offer GAME CHANGER WORKOUT GUIDE In case you missed...
Click here to see what's included in the BOGO Offer


In case you missed my current Challenge…

Here's your chance to jump in on the same workouts with my Game Changer Workout Guide!

ANYWHERE, ANY TIME: this 6-week workout guide gives you all the benefits of Game Changer, but on YOUR schedule! 


This challenge is geared to building an HOURGLASS shape! We’ll focus more on shoulders and back, along with *as always* glutes and lower body. 

What exactly is “hourglass”? Imagine nice rounded shoulders, a well-defined core, round glutes and lean sculpted legs 🙌🏼 Get ready for a FULL BODY transformation like you’ve never seen before! 


  • No official start date, you can start on YOUR schedule! 
  • You DO NOT have to workout everyday - workouts are adaptable between 3-6 training days
  • Duration: 6-weeks
  • Get IMMEDIATE access after checkout!



  • Both GYM & HOME programs - you decide what works for you!
  • 40 - 50 minute sessions, with video demonstrations for every single exercise 
  • New workout routine every two weeks to keep things fun and avoid plateau
  • Follow along *optional* HIIT workouts + warm up / cool down videos 
  • Suitable for all levels


  • EXCLUSIVE access to my private FitQueen Community
  • Over 200 pages of educational content in eBooks on Nutrition & Training
  • Mindset Guide + Daily Tracker to help you stay consistent
  • Email support and MORE!


IMPORTANT NOTE: during the checkout process, you can add a Personalized Meal Plan to your Workout Guide to enhance your results.

Equipment needed:

HOME Program

  • A Chair
  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance Bands

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GYM Program

  • Standard Gym Equipment (dumbbells, barbells, cables, smith machine, etc)
  • Resistance Bands

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Kick your excuses to the curb -- sign up for my Game Changer Workout Guide and start your FitQueen journey TODAY!


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