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Untamed Workout Guide

Shed that winter gunk and unleash your inner Queen with my spring FitQueen Program, UNTAMED!!Mis...

Shed that winter gunk and unleash your inner Queen with my spring FitQueen Program, UNTAMED!!

Missed your chance to join my SOLD OUT Untamed Challenge?

Here's your chance to join my CURRENT CHALLENGE WORKOUTS with our 6-week Workout Guide!

Both HOME and GYM Workouts are included!


Kick that winter sludge to the curb with 6 weeks of butt-busting workouts, an option for a customized meal plan, and a whole community of love and support!


You'll get everything you need to kickstart a lasting transformation:

  • 6 week training program (Home + Gym Guides)
  • Workouts designed ONLY for women to build a strong, lean, feminine body
  • Online training platform with video demonstrations and exercise descriptions
  • EXCLUSIVE access to my private FitQueen Community
  • Over 200 pages of educational content in eBooks on Nutrition & Training
  • Mindset Guide + Daily Tracker to help you stay consistent 
  • Email support and MORE!


  • Build a Bubble Butt eBook
  • Portion guide to help you track your food with ease
  • My Day, My Way workout split is BACK with brand new workouts!
  • Comprehensive food swap table  


    Like all of my Challenges, this Untamed Workout Guide offers you two versatile program options: GYM AND HOME WORKOUTS

    This program comes with a comprehensive HOME GUIDE that walks you through brand new, dynamic exercises you can do right in your living room!

    Equipment you will need for the HOME Program:

  • A Chair
  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance Bands (long loop and mini) 

    CLICK HERE to grab my complete Home Gym Bundle that includes EVERYTHING you'll need!


    There will also be a full GYM GUIDE that will utilize your gym’s standard machines, plus dumbbells, barbells, and cables. 


    Equipment you will need for the GYM Program:

  • Standard Gym Equipment (dumbbells, barbells, cables, smith machine, etc)
  • Resistance Bands (long loop and mini) 

    CLICK HERE to grab my Gym Resistance Band Bundle!




    My program teaches you my tried-and-tested fitness techniques that allowed me to transform my own body and life.


    I grew up in a small town in Hungary, and I wasn’t always “super fit.” But through diligence and consistency, I learned how to best transform my body -- and I’m sharing that knowledge with YOU! 


    If you’re sick of:

  • being unhappy every time you look in the mirror
  • feeling uncomfortable in your own skin
  • wanting to hide whenever swimsuit season rolls around

    Then kick your excuses to the curb and get started on my Untamed Workout Guide!

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