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FIT IN 30, 2021

FIT IN 30 is back for the 2021 holiday season! This new and improved guide is ready to be your ho...

FIT IN 30 is back for the 2021 holiday season! This new and improved guide is ready to be your holiday compass. You’ll get to enjoy the festive season without undoing all of your hard work!  

All you need for my FIT IN 30 guide is 30 minutes a day, and you’ll come through the season’s indulgences with your fitness lifestyle intact!

The holidays are upon us! The 2021 holidays feel like a bigger deal; after all, we actually get to see our loved ones this year! I don’t know about you, but I am more than ready for some joyous family time and everything that goes with it – including cooking and baking all those scrumptious holiday treats!

I know what you’re thinking: how will I enjoy these much-deserved holidays without undoing all the hard work I’ve put into my fitness lifestyle this year? 

The answer: my FIT IN 30 guide! I personally designed this guide to help blend your hard-earned healthy lifestyle with all the fun and joy of the holidays. That means you can actually ENJOY the celebrations, the get-togethers, and the yummy food without feeling guilty or having to start from scratch in the new year!

What does this program include?

FIT IN 30 is a four-part eBook Program that gives you ALL the tools you need to keep that FitQueen confidence and stay true to your healthy lifestyle this holiday season!

- WORKOUTS: Say no to spending hours in the gym this time of year; I’ve designed 4 weeks of short, sweet, EPIC HIIT and resistance workouts specifically structured to help you burn the maximum amount of calories in the minimum time! The best part: NO REPEATS! All you'll need to complete the workouts is dumbbells and resistance bands.

- RECIPES: Instead of a Meal Plan, FIT IN 30 encourages you to embrace the holidays and indulge! Yes, I said INDULGE! Enjoy your favorite treats without guilt. And to help supplement all the yummy holiday food, I’m giving you a compiled recipe book of mouth-watering holiday treats with healthy spins. This ebook has everything from savory mains to tempting sides to lick-the-bowl good desserts. Enjoy these alongside your holiday treats to bring balance to your nutrition!

- MY TOP TIPS: I promise you’ll meet January 2022 feeling just as powerful as you feel right now! How do I know? Because FIT IN 30 also includes my Top Holiday Survival Tips ebook! These tips will make sure you maintain your FitQueen lifestyle without sacrificing holiday fun.

- HEALTHY HOLIDAY CHALLENGE: Join other FitQueens all over the world in this fun, healthy habit forming challenge. 30 days, 30 tasks. How many can you do?


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