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My Supplement Recommendations

Supplements are products we can take to help enhance results throughout our fitness and nutrition regime.

Are they recommended? Yes.
Are they essential? No.

Supplements can be helpful to make your life easier when you're focusing on your training and nutrition. However, I must stress that if you decide not to take them, this is okay too.

I know it can be intimidating deciding which supplements are right for you, so keep reading and I'll explain my top picks - plus provide a 10% discount code below.

I personally have been using and recommending Onest Health Supplements for the past few years.

Use code ANITA to save 10% off your orders.

They have a variety of effective products available, I'll recommend my favorites below.



CREATINE: if your goal is to gain/ maintain muscle, get stronger, I highly recommend taking creatine. It’s the most researched supplement on the market that’s proven to work!
If your goal is fat loss, taking Creatine is also a great idea as it may reduce the breakdown of muscle during exercise.
Recommended dose is 5 mg daily. You can take it ANYTIME of the day, just be sure to be consistent.
*I like to mix it with my AMINOLOAD and drink it AFTER my workout.



AMINOLOAD by Onest Health contains all 9 Essential Amino Acids that are necessary for optimal muscle repair and growth.
Take it during or after your workout.
On Non -training days drink at any time during the day.
1 scoop mixed with water. My favorite flavor is Tropical Splash. It’s so yummi & refreshing!


SUPERGREENS: I recommend to use the Supergreens Supplement 1-2 x daily. Suggested to be taken in the morning, but it can also be taken later in the day if preferred. 

Eating fresh veggies is always the best, but I know from experience that most people either don’t like them OR simply don't eat enough of them. Adding SUPERGREENS to your diet will help get the daily nutrients your body needs. It's a fantastic daily boost to your diet.

PRE WORKOUT:  Before your workout I recommend to use Hyperload. Take it 15-20 minutes prior to your workout, start with just half serving please to test your tolerance.

Hyperload is a Pre-Workout Formula - it always puts me in the mood. It's kinda like “motivation in a bottle”! 

Adding the right pre-workout to your routine can help you achieve more in your training sessions. By increasing your training volume, intensity and focus, you can quickly maximize your gains. 

FAT BURNER: HyperBurn is a thermogenic/fat burner (and can also be used as a Pre-Workout) It helps to fire up your metabolism, decreases your appetite and provides you with just the right amount of energy boost through the day.

I recommend taking half serving in the morning and half serving in the early afternoon. Or if you prefer to use it as a pre workout take it 20 minutes prior to your workout. Do not take it close to your bedtime as it contains caffeine.

PROTEIN OF CHOICE: I recommend utilizing a protein powder supplement so it’s easier to meet your daily protein requirements. You can have it as a shake, protein ice cream, or add it to your oats. It is an easy and convenient way to get a quick source of protein.  




FITQUEEN STACK: I have partnered with Onest Health to create a FitQueen Stack - which includes all of my top supplement recommendations with a discount and 2 FREE eBooks from me! You can take advantage of the FitQueen Stack via the button below.

If you would like to try a couple of supplements without having to commit to them all, I would recommend the Supergreens as a priority, and then a protein OR a pre-workout - these are my top 'must haves'.

If you have any questions about supplements, the team at Onest Health can help you with any questions you may have. Feel free to reach out to them at:

You can order your supplements directly from the Onest Health website, plus they have Sezzle available at checkout.

I hope this helps!

Anita xx

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