FIT IN 30: My brand new program designed to help you enjoy the holidays and still look hot in your New Years dress!


1. Who can benefit from this guide?
Everyone who fears gaining weight during this holiday season, who needs some guidance on how to stay on track without undoing all the hard work and having to restart everything in January.

2. What equipment is used?
You will only need Resistance Bands + Dumbbells. I’ve used minimal equipment to make these easy to plan workouts that you can complete on the go.

3. How do you use this guide?
What’s important with this program is that I intend it as a GUIDE. This means you have total flexibility! This is a tool, not a rigorous workout plan that you need to slave over the festive season. You can use this guide on its own, or as an addition to your current workout routine.

4. How long are the workouts?
If you are organised and work fast, you should be able to complete these workouts in 30 minutes. These are short, sharp, intense workouts designed to torch calories FAST - so you can get back to enjoying this time of year sooner.

5. What is the goal of this program?
The goal of this program is to help you not lose all the hard work you have put in and enjoy your holidays! This is your ultimate survival guide for the holidays, which will help you prepare for 2020 and get a head start on everyone else!

6. How can I include this/implement in my current routine?
You can do your normal weight training session first and include this after your workout as a HIIT finisher. Modify your workout to make it shorter or longer, it is up to you how you want to challenge yourself.

7. How long is the program?
There are 4 weeks worth of workouts in this program. I have included 6 days of workouts per week - however I want to stress that I have done this to give you lots of variety. During this period of the year I do not want you to stress yourself. If you can make 3 workouts a week, choose your favorite 3. If you can do 5, choose 5 you love. The choice is yours. This is not a strict, rigid program - this is a guide designed to empower you and give you guidance and choice.

8. Is this a challenge?
This is NOT a challenge, this is a guide to help you survive the holidays. Can be started at any time and done at your own pace! You can split up the workouts and reuse them over and over, the choice is yours.

9. Do I have to follow this everyday?
No, you don't have to follow it religiously, just do you best and don't stress! Remember that 1-2 workouts per week is better than not working out at all. Balance is key, not an all or nothing approach.

10. Do I have to have a gym membership?
No, this guide can be done at home or at the gym, the choice is yours!

11. What style of training is this?
HIIT style and full body workouts to maximize fat burn and put all the extra holiday calories to good use!

12. How many days of training?
I have included 6 x 30 minute workouts per week BUT you can do less or more, up to you and your schedule! I would recommend 1-3 workouts per week for beginners, 3-4 for those with moderate training experience, and up to 6 for advanced ladies. The choice is yours!

13. Suitable for beginners?
Absolutely. No matter your fitness level, this guide will suit you! HIIT workouts allow you to choose your own weights and push yourself to your personal limits.


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