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Warrior FitQueen Challenge

WARRIOR CHALLENGE - SOLD OUT!    All right ladies... This is it! My FINAL challenge of 2020 is he...



All right ladies... This is it!

My FINAL challenge of 2020 is here!


Challenge starts October 26th, 2020

LIMITED spots available - so act fast!

Secure your place now before we sell out!


Who is this challenge for?

If you are struggling to lose weight and see muscle definition


If you fell off the wagon during quarantine and want to get IN SHAPE!


If you finally want to feel CONFIDENT and COMFORTABLE in your own skin again...

then this challenge is for YOU.

GYM & HOME programs are included for everyone.

You choose WHEN and WHERE you workout!

What you will need for the HOME program:

  • chair
  • dumbbells
  • resistance bands (long loop and mini) 

You can CLICK HERE  to shop my complete Home Gym Bundle that includes everything you'll need.


What you will need for the GYM program:

  • Standard gym equipment (dumbbells, barbells, cables, smith machine, etc)
  • resistance bands (long loop and mini) 

CLICK HERE to shop my Gym Resistance Band Bundle!


When you join this Challenge, you'll receive everything you need to achieve a lasting transformation.

What’s included:

  • Customized meal plan
  • 6 week training program (Home + Gym Guides)
  • Workouts designed ONLY for women to build a strong, lean, feminine body
  • Online training platform with video demonstrations and exercise descriptions
  • EXCLUSIVE access to my private FitQueen Community
  • Over 200 pages of educational content in eBooks on Nutrition & Training
  • Mindset guide + Daily Tracker to help you stay consistent (this is extremely important during these crazy times!)
  • A chance to win $5,000 worth of cash and prizes!
  • Email support, half-way Check In and MORE!
  • Build a Bubble Butt eBook
  • Portion guide to help you track your food with ease
  • My Day, My Way workout split is BACK with brand new workouts!
  • Comprehensive food swap table  


What's the Training Guide like?

This Challenge will include the best of both worlds: home and gym training.

There will be a comprehensive home guide similar to what many of you have come to love, with brand new and dynamic exercises.

There will also be a full gym guide which will utilize roughly 50% of the machines, plus dumbbells, barbells and cables - so if you prefer training in the gym, I've got you covered.


The NEW Training Split 

DAY 1 - Glutes, Shoulders + Bubble Butt Finisher
DAY 2 - Chest, Back + Core Killer Finisher
DAY 3 - Quads, Glutes + Bubble Butt Finisher
DAY 4 - HIIT FIT (Tabata) or Walk
DAY 5 - Hamstrings, Glutes, Arms + Bubble Butt Finisher
DAY 6 - My Day, My Way
DAY 7 - Rest Day


Why work with me?

My program teaches you my tried and tested techniques that allowed me to transform my body and my life.

Growing up in a small town in Hungary, I haven’t always been “super fit” . . .

I’ve transformed my body, and now I’m here to help you transform yours too!

If you’re sick of:

  • not being happy with what you see in the mirror
  • feeling uncomfortable in your own skin
  • having zero confidence when wearing a bathing suit

Then let me supercharge your confidence, mindset, and body to become the best version of yourself! JOIN US!

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