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Unstoppable Workout Guide FAQ

Unstoppable Workout Guide FAQ

Hi Queens!

My Unstoppable Workout Guide is now available.  The Unstoppable Workout Guide is the same program that my last group of Challengers received, however there are a couple of notable differences. To assist you, I have covered some frequently asked questions below.


What is the Unstoppable Workout Guide?

It is a 6 week program designed to help you transform your body and your mind. The Challenge is designed to teach you the tools and techniques that I have developed over many years of training - so you too can become the best version of yourself.  There are 6 weeks of intense workouts, plus online training platform and educational content in the form of eBooks.  It's a multifaceted program that truly works.

Is this a one time charge or monthly charge?

Your sign up fee is a one time charge!  The $49.00 USD fee covers the whole program and you will not be charged again.  You can keep your printable program forever, plus you'll have 6 months access to my online platform - even if you don't buy another program after this one.  Winning!


What is included for the $49 USD fee?

You’ll receive all the tools you need to succeed - your package is extensive and I’ve put together multiple eBooks to teach you everything you need to know to achieve great results in this 6 weeks working together.

The package includes:

  • 6 Week Training Plan (Home & Gym)
  • Online training platform with exercise demonstration videos and written descriptions
  • Training eBook
  • Mindset Guide and Daily Tracker
  • Bubble a Bubble Butt eBook
  • Access to Private FitQueen Community Facebook Group
  • Email support
  • Progress Tracking Guide
  • + MORE


What sort of training can I expect in this program?

As many of us around the world are still in lockdown, this Training Guide will be specially designed to incorporate effective home workouts that are dynamic, challenging & exciting.  I have filmed new exercises & created whole new routines.  I will also incorporate a full gym program, so that you have the flexibility to switch to gym workouts - should gyms commence reopening.

Ready to get started? Click here to join now.

How long will it take for me to get my plan?

Once you’ve registered your place, you’ll receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to create your platform login and gain access.  If you don't receive this within 5 minutes of completing check out, please first check your junk mail.  If it's not there, please email so I can get this to you.


Do I have to be in the United States to join?

No, you don’t! My program is available worldwide and you can join from anywhere.  I've coached over 10,000 women from 90 countries - I’d love to have you, too.


Can you access the plan from your phone?

Absolutely! The program is delivered as PDF files through a new online platform, with a link which you can access from your phone, tablet or computer.


Is this program for Beginners or Advanced?

The program is designed for ALL ladies, regardless of your fitness ability or age.  The great thing about my program is it allows you to push yourself to YOUR limits - so you’ll choose weights that are suitable to your ability level.  Plus, you’re provided with videos of me performing each exercise, plus written exercise cues, so you’ll feel confident in what you’re doing.


Can I workout at Home?

You certainly can! Home workouts have become super popular since the COVID-19 epidemic, and I have ensured that you have an incredible Home appropriate program included with this guide.  You will work up a sweat and be challenged, this is not for the faint hearted!

All you’ll need for home workouts are some dumbbells, a set of resistance bands & booty band. Don’t be fooled though, my home workouts are also sure to burn.

Register now to get started today.  I'm ready!

What if don’t know how to perform an exercise?

Within your Challenge eBooks & Training Platform, I have included video demonstrations and written descriptions.  This way you can see me perform the movements to ensure you’ve got it right!

Does this program include a Meal Plan?

The Unstoppable Workout Guide doesn't include a Meal Plan in the $49.00 fee, however there is a Meal Plan upgrade available by clicking here.  If you purchase this option, you'll receive a Questionnaire via email immediately after purchase - which I please need you to fill out.  This online form is where you'll tell me all about you and your goals, so I can formulate the best plan for you.

Is this plan for losing weight or bulking?

Your Meal Plan can be personalized to suit either of these goals.  The Training Program will remain the same regardless of your goal, it’s your Meal Plan that will change.  For those Queens hoping to “bulk” (gain lean muscle mass), you will be placed in slight calorie surplus. For those Queens who would like to lose weight or “shred”, you’ll be placed in a conservative (but effective) calorie deficit so you can achieve this goal.  My meal plans utilize foods that are high in micronutrients and fibre to ensure you still feel “full” and satisfied.


Is the Meal Plan customized?

It is! After your register, you’ll receive an email to complete your Pre-Challenge Questionnaire. This is where you submit all the information I require to customize your Meal Plan to suit you, your body type, goals & dietary requirements. 


Do you cater for my dietary requirements?

Of course! That’s the beauty of my customized Meal Plan.  I can cater to your requirements - including likes and dislikes, and dietary restrictions such as Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Red Meat Free and the likes.  To succeed on your plan, ADHERENCE is key! The best way to ensure adherence is to design a Meal Plan that you actually enjoy.


Are their Vegan options too?

Absolutely.  I have lots of Vegan Queens, and are more than happy to provide you with a Vegan Meal Plan that suits your goals while still maintaining your values!


What does the Mindset Guide include?

The Mindset Guide includes the tools you need to laser focus your mindset for success throughout this program.  I educate you on topics such as: early rising, social media breaks, affirmations, gratitude writing, goal setting, visualization, meditation & more.  There’s something for everyone in this eBook, it’s an unsung hero of our FitQueen Program.


What is the process after signing up?

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email confirmation with further instructions. If you purchased a Meal Plan as well, you’ll also receive a link to complete your Pre-Challenge Questionnaire.  Next you will receive instructions to register for our online Training Platform, and you’ll be invited to join my FitQueen Community Group on Facebook. Everything else is explained in your online platform! 


Am I a part of your "Challenge" when I buy this program?

No you will not be eligible to enter the Challenge or be in the draw for prizes when purchasing this program.  The reason is that the Challenge has already sold out before the set start date.  As you are starting later than this group, you will not be eligible (sorry).


I have a Medical Condition/Injury, can I take part in your program?
The Training Guide within this program is not personalised - it is a set plan, therefore I cannot accommodate injuries. If you have a medical condition, It is essential that you seek doctors clearance before participating. Remember your health is always first priority!

Do I get Check Ins?
No you will not receive a Check In with your program, however, you are welcome to post/check in via the FitQueen Facebook Group at any time you wish!

How will I be supported throughout this Challenge?
You’ll feel supported at every step of your FitQueen journey!  I provide email support, a Private Facebook forum for support and guidance.  You have the support of over 25,000 other women on your journey via our group.  Plus, I'm active in the group daily!

Ready to smash your goals and join my FitQueen Community?  Join us now.

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