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FIT IN 30 2023

FIT IN 30 IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER Get fit in 30 Days with 30 minute sessions and minimal equ...


Get fit in 30 Days with 30 minute sessions and minimal equipment

Even if you’re the busiest of bees, this 4 week guide will help you to stay on track and get AMAZING RESULTS with less time spent working out. 

All of the short HIIT and resistance workouts are designed to burn the MOST amount of calories in the shortest amount of time so you don’t have to spend HOURS working out!

Inside of FIT IN 30 you’ll get…

  • ZERO REPEAT EXERCISES— so you can have incredible workouts without getting bored!
  • MINIMAL EQUIPMENT— dumbbells and resistance bands are all you need to GET AMAZING RESULTS!
  • TOTAL FREEDOM—do the workouts in any order, whatever works for you! Each session can be done in 30 minutes! 
  • RECIPES— so you can enjoy tasty treats and meals guilt-free!
  • MY TOP TIPS—My Top Fit Tips ebook is refreshed and waiting for you! I make sure each and every tip is ready to help you maintain your FitQueen lifestyle without sacrificing the holiday fun!

BUT THAT’S NOT EVERYTHING!! Check out what else I’ve added for the 2023 season…

  • NEW Recipe ebook—This ebook builds on the meals in my FIT IN 30 recipe book while showing you how to create dishes that are festive, flavorful, and nutritious. Appetizers, snacks, sides, main dishes, and desserts—you’ll have the tastiest season ever! 
  • NEW Skinny Cocktail & Mocktail ebook— If avoiding alcohol isn’t an option, then this is for you. I created this ebook to help you make better choices! Cocktails, mocktails, and all of my favorite beverages come together in this FitQueen ebook!
  • NEW Healthy Alternatives—What to swap, what to avoid, what to say “yes” to—this ebook covers it all so you’re never lost again!
  • NEW FitQueen Coffee Creations eBook- Need help with coffee ideas to order or even at home recipes? I got you!

If you’re ready to DOMINATE without spending HOURS at the gym, then FIT IN 30 is for you.

(Plus you’ll be able to keep all your current progress and even make more😉)

So what are you waiting for?

Get yours today and I’ll see you inside!

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