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FIT IN 30 + January 2021 FitQueen Challenge

This is THE bundle to get if you want to stay on track this holiday season and set yourself up fo...

This is THE bundle to get if you want to stay on track this holiday season and set yourself up for 2021 success! My epic bundle gives you BOTH my Fit in 30 Holiday Survival Guide + Early Bird Registration for my first Challenge of 2021.

FIT IN 30: You’ll get instant access to my Fit in 30 Guide which gives you all the tips, tricks, recipes, and workouts you need to get through the holiday season with your healthy lifestyle intact -- while still ENJOYING the festivities! You’ll get 4 weeks of unique workouts that burn calories in just 30 minutes plus loads of delicious, decadent recipes that are still FitQueen healthy. The holidays won’t know what hit ‘em!

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: Spots in my Challenges always fill up FAST, and my first Challenge of 2021 is gearing up to be my greatest Challenge EVER! Buying this bundle guarantees you a spot. It kicks off January 18 -- so you’ll be locked in and ready to go before anyone else! 



Introducing my ALL NEW FIT IN 30! I’ve totally revamped this guide for 2020 to be your ultimate holiday compass so you can get through the festive season without undoing your year of hard work.  

I designed FIT IN 30 specifically to help you conquer the holidays!

All you need is 30 minutes a day, and you’ll come through the season’s indulgences with your fitness lifestyle intact!

I adore this time of year! Who doesn’t? Getting together with family (albeit in smaller groups now); cooking and baking all those delicious holiday treats; cozying up while the weather gets cooler. 

BUT, if you’re like me, this time of year comes with its own challenges -- mainly, not undoing the eleven months of hard work you put into your health and wellness lifestyle! 

That’s where my FIT IN 30 guide comes in! I designed this guide to help you conquer the holidays, so you can actually enjoy the celebrations with family and friends without falling prey to guilt or undoing everything you’ve worked so hard for. 


What does this Program include?

My Fit in 30 is a three-part eBook Program that provides ALL the tools you need to feel confident and stay on track this holiday season!

- WORKOUTS: No one wants to spend hours in the gym this time of year, so I’ve designed 4 weeks of short, epic, no-repeat HIIT workouts specially targeted so you burn maximum calories in minimum time! 

- RECIPES: There is NO Meal Plan with this program! Part of what makes this time of year so magical is the chance to indulge -- so go for it, Queen! Grab your favorite treats without guilt. What I AM giving you is a compiled recipe book of delicious, succulent holiday treats with healthy spins. This ebook has it all, from savory mains to flavorful sides to utterly sinful desserts. Make these alongside your must have holiday treats to bring some balance to your nutrition!

- MY TOP TIPS: I've pulled together my Top Holiday Survival Tips so you don’t start back up in January feeling sluggish and out of shape! My Tips will keep you from undoing all the hard work you’ve put in this year. Once a FitQueen, always a FitQueen!


More on my FIT IN 30 Workout Guide:

The best part about my FIT IN 30 workout guide is that it requires minimal time and minimal equipment to complete these workouts! I designed these routines to be smashed out in 30 minutes (either at home or in the gym), and all you need to complete them are dumbbells and resistance bands. Plus, every workout is totally unique! No repetitions with this. You’ll get a brand new workout every day!

These workouts are perfect to do with your family, on trips, or when you are short on time!


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