FitQueen Pull Up Bands

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Trying to master the pull-up? This super thick band will be your best friend. Just simply tie it around a pull-up bar to help you lift your body weight during your assisted pull-ups. You will be a pull-up master in no time :) 


Always carefully inspect your FitQueen Pull Up Bands each time before use and wear protective eyewear while exercising. If the FitQueen Pull Up Bands has any signs of wear, tear, or damage, discontinue use immediately. Never use a damaged band. Do not expose your FitQueen Long Loop Medium Resistance Band to any of the following as they may damage the FitQueen Pull Up Bands and cause degradation: direct sunlight, heat, cold, storage outdoors, sharp edges, storage in a stretched position, over-stretching. Do not use cleaning products that can damage FitQueen Pull Up Bands

YOUR FITNESS LIFESTYLE LLC ASSUMES NO LIABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY FOR ACCIDENTS OR INJURY TO PERSON OR PROPERTY CAUSED BY WEAR, TEAR, DAMAGE, OR MISUSE OF ANY PRODUCT. Always consult your physician before beginning any type of exercise program. You agree to use FitQueen Pull Up Bands carefully, responsibly, and at your own risk. These are not toys and should be kept away from children. Should you decide not to accept these terms and waive your legal rights, do not use the product and return it within fourteen (14) days noting same for a full refund for the cost of the product.

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