Fit Queen Challenge FAQ


Hi ladies!

Sign Ups are now open for my first ever 6 Week Fit Queen Challenge!  To assist you, I have covered some frequently asked questions.


What is the Fit Queen Challenge?

The Fit Queen Challenge is my first ever Challenge.  It is a 6 week plan designed for fast and maintainable results. It is something completely different to what I have previously delivered to you ladies!  The Challenge is designed to teach you the tools and techniques that I have developed over many years of training. It includes a 6 week Training Plan and personalised Meal Guide to fast-track your results.  The Challenge has a set commencement date of the 29th of April, so that us Fit Queens can be in this journey together!

How is the Challenge delivered?

Your Fit Queen Challenge is delivered via email as an eBook and PDF file.  This means your eBook and PDFs never “expire” and you can keep them for your use for as long as you like!

What sort of training can I expect in this Challenge?

The training in this Challenge is designed around the way I myself train day in day out.  I have created both “Gym” and “Home” versions of this Challenge, so you can choose which style of training is most convenient for you.


Do I get a Meal Guide with the Challenge?

Yes, absolutely!  With your Challenge you’ll receive a personalised Meal Guide, which is suited to your goals and dietary requirements.


I have dietary requirements, can these be catered for?

Yes! When you sign up to the Fit Queen Challenge you will complete a questionnaire to notify me of your needs - and I can cater for things such as Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Gluten/Dairy Free, Nut Free or Soy Free.

I have a Medical Condition/Injury, can I take part in your challenge?

The Training Guide within the challenge is not personalised - it is a set plan, therefore I cannot accommodate injuries. If you have a medical condition, It is recommended you seek doctors clearance before participating. Remember your health is always first priority!

Is the Challenge completed in the gym or at home?

With my Fit Queen Challenge I have designed both Home & Gym Training Guides, and you will have access to both of these.  For the Gym Guide, you will require a well-equipped Gym that has basic machines like a squat rack and free weights. For the home workouts, you will need a small amount of equipment.

What equipment is required?

For the Home Workouts, you’ll require a set of dumbbells, skipping rope, exercise ball, resistance band and booty band.

Do I get Check Ins?

Hell yeah! Half way through the Challenge (end of week 3) you will have a check-in with me!  This is your chance to show me your progress and have me update your Meal Guide accordingly.

How will I be supported throughout this Challenge?

You’ll feel supported at every step of your Fit Queen journey!  I provide unlimited email support, a Private Facebook forum for support and guidance, as well as weekly email updates so you continue learning and stay motivated throughout the Challenge.

I don’t live in America, can I participate in the challenge?

Absolutely! The Challenge is available worldwide!

What if don’t know how to perform an exercise?

Within your Challenge eBook, I have linked Vimeo Videos with exercise demonstrations.  This way you can see me perform the movements to ensure you’ve got it right!

If you have any further questions about the Fit Queen Challenge, please feel free to get in touch with me so I can help you.  Please email:


Anita xx